Summer's Deathbed

Nanowrimo 2020

Mia Carnera

Rose McIver

24 /
"a widow's grief was a suit of armor."

Nino Carnera

Jon Bernthal

42 /
"stop standing there like a night nurse."

David Green

Mario Casas

25 /
"you're acting like a selfish, gold-digging cunt."

George Klauff

Christoph Waltz

51 /
"i said i would do anything you asked."

Leo Lupino

Oliver Jackson-Cohen

31 /
"are you alright?"

John Lucas

Henry Cavill

33 /
"i recused myself from the investigation."

Demeter Malloy

Haley Ramm

20 /
"the lilies were for you."

Michael Malloy

Tom Ellis

41 /
"bravery doesn't aim for an artery."

Alexander Northman

Aldis Hodge

35 /
"i am not so easily convinced."

Josephine Costa

Monica Belluci

47 /
"it's beautiful."